BrainLab: Imaging

BrainLab comprises an image processing lab developed as part of the LC Campbell Cognitive Neurology Research Unit at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto (Canada), under the supervision of Dr. Sandra E. Black.

Our imaging software has been optimized for an aging population, and designed to be used for the longitudinal Sunnybrook Aging and Dementia study, with a particular emphasis on Alzheimer's Disease and subcortical white matter hyperintensities.

Our imaging lab is comprised of experts from a broad range of backgrounds including neuroscience, psychology, radiology, neurology, computer science, and many more.

Imaging Team

Sandra E. Black, MD, FRCP(C)
Primary Investigator

Dr. Fuqiang Gao, MD
Research Radiologist

Joel Ramirez, PhD
Research Associate

Christopher Scott
Imaging Lab Manager

Nima Nourhaghighi
Software Engineer

Dr. Kie Honjo, MD
Research Associate

Sabrina Adamo
Assistant Brainlab Projects Coordinator

Edward Ntiri
Research Software Developer

Miracle Ozzoude
Imaging Analyst

Rita Meena, MSc
Imaging Analyst

Pugaliya Puvee
Junior Imaging Analyst

Hassan Akhavein, PhD
Image Processing Software Developer

Kirstin Walker, MEng
Junior Imaging Analyst

Maged Goubran, PhD
Research Associate

Lab Alumni

Alicia McNeely: Research Coordinator/Imaging Analyst
Jiali Zhao, PhD: Image Processing Optimization
Austyn Roseborough: Junior Imaging Analyst
Gregory Szilagyi: Masters Student
Manu Sharma: Research Coordinator/Imaging Analyst
Melissa Holmes: BrainLab Imaging Projects Coordinator

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Canadian Institute of Health Research (MT#13129), Alzheimer Society of Canada, Alzheimer’s Association (USA), The L. C. Campbell Foundation and The Heart and Stroke Foundation Centre for Stroke Recovery.
For general enquiries and information about our lab or techniques:
[email protected]

For technical support:
[email protected]